Packs and Bags

  • 511 Covert 18 Backpack

    511 Covert 18 Backpack

    COVRT18™ Backpack 25L Details Designed to appear subtle and inconspicuous, the COVRT18™ is a full-sized covert backpack that provides superior tactical utility and a low-vis appearance. Ideal for CCW use, the backpack features a TacTec...

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  • 511 Rush 12 Backpack

    511 Rush 12 Backpack

    RUSH12™ Backpack 24L Details The RUSH12™ is a high-performance tactical pack suitable for active duty, hunting and recreation, or grab-and-go. Compatible with 5.11®'s TIER system and the Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve, the pack features...

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  • Pelican 1150-K Knife Case

    Pelican 1150-K Knife Case

    Pelican™ 1150 Knife CaseThis Case includes: 6 Knife Cavities are all 3/4" wide 1 1/2" deep and 5"long on the top layerthree accessory cavities on the bottom layer are:7"x2"x7/8" deep4.5"x2"x7/8" deep1.2"x2"x7/8" deepExterior Dimensions(L) 9.12" x...

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  • Pelican 1170 EDC Case

    Pelican 1170 EDC Case

    Pelican™ 1170 EDC CaseProtect and transport your gear in an 1170 EDC CaseThis Case includes: 4 Knife Cavities are all 3/4" wide 1 1/2" deep and 5"long. 2 Watch Cavities with our Custom Watch HoldersExtra Cavity is 4" x 1" x 1.5" deep...

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  • Pelican 1200 Knife Case

    Pelican 1200 Knife Case

    Pelican™ 1200 Knife Case Built into the Pelican™ airtight, watertight case this solution will keep your knives clean and safe.With the spacers the case will not only accommodate knives but also knucks, lighters, beverage cleavers ect...

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  • Pelican 1300 EDC Gun Case

    Pelican 1300 EDC Gun Case

    Pelican™ 1300 EDC Gun Version CaseProtect and transport your gear in our lockable 1300 EDC Gun Case! This one has three layers, the bottom being a pistol layer. Most full size pistols will fit. Top Layer includes: 6 Knife cavities are all 3/4"...

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  • TruSpec Circadian Backpack

    TruSpec Circadian Backpack

    The perfect daily carry tactical backpack. Covered in exterior universal strapping for adding pouches and sporting multiple built-in zippered compartments and pouches, this pack can carry it all. Includes a hidden pocket in the lower back pad that is...

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